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Respite Services

With Respite Services, we recognize that being the caregiver for a loved one is a rewarding job, but a demanding one. And everyone occasionally needs some time away. Our Respite Services provide support and a chance for the entire family to recharge and renew.

Our Short-Term Placement Service provides respite to caregivers by placing the child in a treatment foster home on a short-term basis, or provide assistance from a pool of respite providers and other licensed foster families to assist in short term relief. The temporary stay gives caregivers an opportunity to stabilize their environment, make it safe, and build supports to maintain the family unit and prevent placement of the youth in a more restrictive setting. Short Term Placement includes the supervision and support of the foster family, professional case management, and emergency services.

Our reliable and compassionate professionals provide family caregivers with temporary relief in the short term, so that your long-term care-giving goals will succeed beautifully.