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Why StepStone?

StepStone Family and Youth Services Changes Lives.

Brand ImageChildren and youth need a safe place they can call home. And families need strong support too. That’s why StepStone is here. StepStone agencies deliver the quality services and support that make for successful foster families.

StepStone Family and Youth Services help families and children live their best lives. We’re an essential, caring resource for young people in need of alternative, safer living environments. And we’re committed to making a difference in the lives of the children, families and communities we serve.

We connect children and youth who need homes to families who care enough to give them a good home. Our foster families provide the quality of care they need to live better lives.

And there are many benefits for being one of our foster care families, including competitive per diem rates, hassle-free payments, resources when assistance is needed, continuous training and support and many more. Click here for more information on benefits.

At StepStone, we offer a level of care and support that can make a positive impact for life. The high-quality services that StepStone provides sets up our clients and foster families for success:

Prospective foster parent training – Our comprehensive training helps foster parents make a positive impact in a child’s life, including pre-service training, help in meeting licensing requirements, and ongoing guidance and support once children are placed in your home.

Foster care support services – We provide complete foster care training and support services, home and community-based foster parent education, instruction in positive parenting techniques, life and home management skills, foster care licensing and adoption certification, case management, plus counseling and social services to help children and their families. 

Training for young adults – For young adults transitioning from foster care to independent living, personalized training, education and guidance are provided on subjects including money management, life skills training, education, employment, apartment living and more.

Youth residential services – Our Residential Services are designed to serve young people with emotional and behavioral issues or other special needs within residential treatment facilities or group home settings.

Family & youth services – For young people with emotional and behavioral issues or other special needs, our complete services offer intense supports which teach young people strategies for success, including social and academic skills. 

Respite care – Even caregivers may need some time off to recharge and renew, so our respite services place the child in a treatment foster home on a short-term basis, with the supervision and support of a foster family, professional case management, and emergency services.

Counseling – Our Behavioral Health & Integrated Care provide accredited counseling services for children and adults, to help them achieve their best overall health and well-being. Our therapies are designed to give children and adults more positive, active and social lives.


The children and youth that we serve need safer environments – family settings that provide the nurturing care they need to live and grow. StepStone specializes in matching the children we serve with dedicated and caring home providers. Plus all the needed services and support. Which means better outcomes for every child and every family. And every community we serve.

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