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Residential Services

Age-Specific Services

Residential Services serves children from age 5 to 17. We provide supportive, special care for children with a wide range of different challenges, including mood disorders, acquired brain injury, neurological and psychological challenges, as well as those with sexual and criminal offenses and substance abuse issues.

We also provide residential options for youth who are unable to live at home, or with a resource family, who require temporary care in a group care setting. Our community-integrated programs provide the structure, therapeutic support, a caring and safe environment, plus behavioral intervention and other vital services as needed, as well as for youth with intellectual developmental disabilities.

At StepStone we know how to create a positive, caring environment that promotes academic development and advances the attainment of skills needed for adult success.

Additional support services include outpatient care, day treatment, foster homes, shelter care and autism spectrum care, day treatment school services, and accredited on-grounds schools in residential settings, plus counseling help in transitioning to a public-school system. Other comprehensive StepStone services include home-based care, in-home counseling, diagnostic services, as well as parent training. We try to cover as many of the bases as we can.

For maturing youth, we advance the attainment of skills needed for adult success, including independent living skills training, job training and placement.

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