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Youth Mentoring: Independent Living Skills Training & Role Modeling

Youth Mentoring Makes the Difference

We work with at-risk youth and adolescents in their homes and in their communities to provide role modeling, therapeutic recreation, behavior management and modification, independent living skills training, tutoring, community integration and many other services. The young adults in our program are experiencing issues including academic difficulties, self-esteem issues, impulsive behaviors, physical isolation, verbal or physical aggression and substance abuse. They need to learn social and independent living skills and may be involved with a negative peer group. These young adults truly benefit from working with a mentor.

Promoting Responsibility and Building Self-Esteem

Each young adult is matched with a mentor who will best meet their individual needs and develop their strengths. We create an individualized treatment plan, which focuses on activities to promote responsibility, build self-esteem and reward positive behavior. Mentors update this plan monthly and it is forwarded to the legal guardian.

Professional Academic and Behavior Management Assistance

The services provided by our mentoring program include:

  • Supervision: Help supervise family contacts
  • Academic assistance: Help with teacher communication, study skills and organization
  • Social skills: Act as a role model to provide guidance in interactions with peers and adults
  • Behavior management: Provide support and guidance in developing appropriate behaviors
  • Therapeutic recreation: Participating with youth in age-appropriate activities with positive reinforcement
  • Community integration: Identify personal interests and goals and link with community resources; Encourage and facilitate volunteer activities
  • Independent living skills training: Prepare teens for living on their own by providing training in money management, meal planning and preparation, job readiness and household management

Our Mentors are professionally trained and prepared to provide the highest-quality mentoring services:

  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Trained monthly to enhance skills
  • Trained in therapeutic crisis intervention
  • Receive ongoing case supervision
  • Participate in monthly clinical supervision
  • Provide monthly updates and reports to referral services
  • Pass criminal history screenings, child protective services screenings, and driving screenings

Group Mentoring

This mentoring service provides mentoring for two consumers simultaneously (sibling groups may exceed two). The goal is to aid in the development of social skills or another identified need that can only be accomplished through group mentoring.

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