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Residential Services

Diagnostic & Assessment Services

At StepStone, we provide a full-service diagnostic assessment program, offering quality care in one-stop, including complete evaluations within in-home settings for children who are facing significant difficulties. This approach enables us to address behaviors which cannot be addressed in less restrictive settings. It also helps us to provide necessary skills to empower children during transition to a family or foster home, with an emphasis on nurturing appropriate communication and coping skills.

We also offer programs tailored to meet the age specific and unique emotional development needs of each child. We enjoy the collaboration of partnering with children, their caregivers and local support agencies to provide therapeutic treatment and mentoring as well as prescriptive educational support. We have a proven track record partnering with the Department of Social Services, Juvenile Justice System, court service unties, community service boards, behavioral health authorities and local public-school systems.

In some of our selected locations, we also offer a Stabilization Track, where our young clients receive therapeutic mentoring, prescriptive psychological support and educational assistance to provide a continuum of quality care. These programs focus on of the identification of services and strategies that enable successful-long term inclusion of youth within the community.

Services available include:

  • Daily psycho-educational groups
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Family engagement
  • Art Therapy (LKIF 1 & 2)
  • Intensive Care Coordination
  • Psychiatric Evaluation & Education

Ideally suited for:

Children who are unable to maintain in their family or foster home, or children who have completed the 90-day diagnostic program and need to remain for a continuum of care prior to transitioning to a family or foster home.

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