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Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic Foster Care. For Kids with Unique Needs.

Foster parents are an important part of the treatment team and work in concert with a child’s therapist, case manager and social worker to ensure each child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our foster parents are specially trained to support a child’s emotional and developmental needs and are continually supported by our agency staff.

Foster parents provide a structured and nurturing environment for vulnerable youth. They extend to each child the support and encouragement necessary for him or her to thrive in their environment.

Becoming a therapeutic foster parent means:

  • Learning effective techniques to work with children that have experienced trauma
  • Ensuring a child’s physical, emotional and developmental needs are met in an environment that is free of abuse and neglect
  • Getting tax-free reimbursement for the daily expenses of each child in your care
  • Opening your heart and home to a child in need and inviting them to be a part of your family
  • Showing a child love, consistency and affection
  • Changing a life one child at a time!