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What Do Foster Parents Do?

What Do Foster Parents Do?

In your role as a foster parent, you will make an essential difference in the life of a child who has experienced trauma and/or neglect. Some of the specific duties and activities include:

  • Provide a safe home for the foster child, and meet his/her emotional, developmental and physical needs
  • Share information about the child with the Department of Child Safety (DCS), biological parents/relatives and other professionals working with the child
  • Participate in regular home visits conducted by the foster child’s DCS Child Safety Specialist and our StepStone licensing specialist
  • Take the child to medical, dental, counseling and other appointments as necessary
  • Ensure the child participates in typical child-related community activities such as school, sports, clubs and other organized events
  • Maintain documentation of the child’s appointments, behaviors and records
  • Provide appropriate clothing, personal products, school supplies and allowance as required by the state
  • Work within the adoption process to find a forever home

As approved by the child’s DCS case manager, you may also:

  • Maintain contact with the biological parents to help keep them involved with their child. This could include letters or notes, telephone calls or face-to-face visits at the DCS office or other safe location
  • Assist in the transition of the foster child back to his/her biological family home
  • Help transport the child to/from visitations with biological parents