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Adoption Certification Assistance Arizona

StepStone Adoption Certification Assistance Really Helps.

In many states, the requirements for adoption certification are very similar to those for being a foster parent, and include completion of the pre-service training (in some locations), a home study and approval by the regional court system as a certified adoptive home. Families can be certified to adopt even if they have not identified a specific child to adopt. In some cases, the Department of Child safety requires that families provide foster care to a child before recommending permanent adoption, so you will be licensed as a foster home first.

Moving Towards Adoption

In many states, the first step towards adoption is being selected as a potential adoptive home by the child’s Department of Child Safety Specialist. There will be discussions about the potential adoptive child and his/her needs and case plan, and brief visits between you and the child if he/she is not already placed in your home. The Department of Child Safety typically requires that the child be placed in your home as a foster child for a minimum of six months before the adoption can be finalized, and the regional court makes the final approval of the adoption.

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