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Independent Living Apartment Program

StepStone (formerly Braley & Thompson) provides a professionally designed Independent Living Apartment Program for foster care youth from ages 17 – 21 in the state of Virginia. Our program offers a safe, secure living environment augmented with a variety of educational support programs and staff input to help participants develop life skills, pursue educational opportunities and secure employment assistance.

We strive to assist participants with developing necessary life skills, pursuing educational opportunities, and gaining access to employment assistance. Comprehensive case management service is provided to further assist our tenants with securing any additional supports that may be required for a successful transition to independent living. The program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant to provide the education and tools necessary to thrive on his or her own.

The Program is offered in the following areas:

Harrisonburg, VA

Roanoke, VA


To learn more about our Independent Living Programs, please contact
our Treatment Foster Care Director at (434) 832-1326.