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Braley & Thompson – Virginia

Braley & Thompson has been providing foster care services in Virginia since 1979. We offer exceptional community-based treatment programming to serve the needs of children and families throughout Virginia.

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Services include:

  • Therapeutic & non-therapeutic foster care
  • Short-term foster care
  • Information & training for prospective foster families
  • Foster family resources
  • Parenting classes
  • Agency & support referrals (forms available)
  • Independent living apartments, courses, services & support
  • Counseling (outpatient)
  • Mental health support services & skill building
  • Life skills training
  • Intensive in-home care & services
  • Therapeutic mentoring programs
  • Therapeutic supervised visitation services
  • Life skills coaching & home monitoring

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Christiansburg Forest Harrisonburg • NorfolkRichmondRoanokeWoodbridge 

Interested in Becoming a Foster Parent?

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When you make the important decision to become a foster parent, you are helping the community, as well as, making a significant positive impact on the personal, emotional, and physical health of a child in need. If you are considering becoming a foster parent, Braley & Thompson provides comprehensive training and resources to support you 24 hours 7 days a week!

Through our support of foster families, we take great efforts to provide continuity of care for all of the youth in our program. We believe in the importance of providing relevant information and training for our foster parents and staff to provide the type of quality care that our foster care youth deserve.

Why choose Braley & Thompson for foster care?

  • Paid respite
  • Evidence-based pre-service training
  • Incentives for referring other parents
  • Behavior modification system paid out to youth
  • Recreation monies reimbursed to parents
  • Monthly newsletters
  • On-going training opportunities

Independent Living Programs

Braley & Thompson offers independent living programs to assist program participants in reaching their independent living goals. We provide employment assistance, housing, budgeting and building a support network to help transition from youth to adulthood.