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StepStone Family & Youth Services in Tennessee has been providing foster care services to middle Tennessee for over twenty-one years.

We are proud to be assisting youth and foster families in twenty-five counties in Tennessee.

How does StepStone help foster parents?

We help foster parents by providing emotional, physical and monetary support. We offer 24/7 access so foster parents always have a resource available in the case of a crisis.

The staff collaborates with other professionals in the area to ensure all the needs of the children in our program are met. Our network within each community is there to provide each child with what they need to succeed.

How do foster parents prepare a child for success?

When a child is placed in a foster home, we help all members of a family work together in a positive manner. Our families are responsible for maintaining the child’s educational and vocational needs. Educational support is paramount in helping foster children through school and setting them up for success as they transition to adulthood and/or finding forever homes.

Foster parents also assist with the adoption process for some of our youth. They help by preparing the children to transition from their foster home to a potential pre-adoptive placement. Within the adoption process, foster parents assist with completing necessary documentation to assist with the adoption process paperwork.

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