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Foster Care Training

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If you are considering becoming a foster family, we want you to know that Braley & Thompson is here to support your foster care training 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

We are committed to providing individualized training to each approved foster family to best meet the needs of the youth placed in the home. Our foster parent trainer works with families to identify training needs and develops an individualized plan based on the specific needs of the foster care youth. This specialized approach assists the foster parents in understanding specific clinical, emotional and behavioral needs by providing education, support and guidance.

Parenting Skills Training (PST)

Braley & Thompson offers parenting skills training (PST) as a pre-service curriculum for foster parents. PST introduces real and practical skills for difficult and challenging situations that foster parents may encounter during their foster care journey. PST educates foster parents on Attachment Theory and Trauma-Informed Treatment. The PST Model emphasizes the power of relationships in learning and shaping a child’s view of self and the world and teaches parents the importance of using a strength-based approach to caregiving.

Various levels of foster care support, supervision and administration are available to foster families. You may choose to participate in short-term foster care, non-therapeutic foster care or therapeutic foster care (at various levels from mild to significant).

Daily supervision and respite are available for our foster families as needed. Foster care children from ages 0 – 17:11 months require the supportive stability of a family that you may be able to provide. 

Contact your local agency to learn about training opportunities.