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Foster Care Process

Our services include pre-service training, assistance in completing licensing requirements and applying for the license, and ongoing guidance and support once children are placed in your home. The entire licensing process generally takes between 1-3 months, and includes the following:

  • Participation in pre-service training
  • Completion of background clearances
  • Successful home inspection
  • Completion of the home study process

Once you have your license, you can accept placements of foster children in your home. When this occurs, our staff provides ongoing home monitoring, supervision, and support to help ensure you and the child(ren) you serve have a positive experience!

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Foster Parent Training

StepStone offers a blended learning approach to pre-service training in collaboration with Foster Parent College. This approach integrates the strengths of in-person group sessions with online self-paced training, allowing for more flexibility for your busy schedule.

Our partnership with the Child Welfare League of America and Foster Parent College ensures content is relevant, and current evidence-based practices are incorporated, especially trauma-informed parenting.

StepStone, Providing Foster Care Services in West Virginia since 1979

Formerly known in West Virginia as Braley & Thompson, we offer exceptional community-based treatment programming to serve the needs of children and families throughout West Virginia. Services include:


  • Therapeutic & non-therapeutic foster care
  • Short-term foster care
  • Information & training for prospective foster families
  • Foster family resources
  • Parenting classes
  • Agency & support referrals (forms available)
  • Counseling (outpatient)
  • Mental health support services & skill-building
  • Life skills training
  • Intensive in-home care & services
  • Therapeutic mentoring programs
  • Therapeutic supervised visitation services
  • 24/7 crisis support
  • Respite

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Children’s Mental Health Wraparound and Safe at Home Programs

StepStone of West Virginia offer wraparound services to help children and their families realize their dream of growing up in their own homes and communities. Wraparound is a planning process that brings together each member of a child’s family and support system and creates a plan to support and care for the child.


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