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Kids In Focus provides all-inclusive diagnostic and stabilization services to determine the most appropriate and beneficial treatment strategy for young people. Our programs are tailored to meet age specific and unique emotional developmental needs of individual clients. We use evidenced-based treatments including the Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency (ARC) treatment framework and You’re Safe-I’m Safe: Techniques for Achieving Positive Behavioral Results. Our network of resources also enables us to provide foster care services, as needed.

A full service diagnostic assessment program, licensed by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and Department of Behavioral Health (DBH).

  • We provide quality care in home-like settings for children ages five to 17-years-old with a DSM IV Axis I diagnosis or demonstrated Axis I symptoms within the last six months. Our mission is to deliver an inclusive program that incorporates four essential components:
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation
  • Targeted education support
  • Therapeutic treatment and mentoring
  • Care plan development, coordination and implementation

Placing an emphasis on preparing new and transitional youth for mental health, foster care and educational services is our goal. A team of staff and community-based consultants will conduct clinical, medical, physical and educational evaluations guided by the needs of the client.

Our comprehensive report, accompanied by a recommendation for services, will be provided for each youth. KIF will assist in the facilitation of appropriate placements and mental health services. 

What is included in the KIF Programs?

Each KIF program is tailored to meet age specific and emotional developmental needs of individual clients. All programs promote a cooperative and effective learning community by facilitating positive interpersonal communication, active engagement and self-guidance.

Our programs are provided by an expert care team, including: licensed education directors, licensed clinical social workers, CSOTP and CSAP licensed clinicians, licensed psychologists, licensed psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, residential managers and teachers. In 2018, 88% of our clients were successfully discharged.

Admissions Criteria

To benefit from our programs, our clients must:
• Have the cognitive ability to participate in therapeutic services and assessments
• Have the functional ability to complete fundamental living skills independently and follow basic instructions
• Not have an IEP with the educational diagnosis of Autism
• Be ambulatory

What is included in the KIF program?

This program includes assessments, exploring service options, evaluation of client reports and facilitating placements.

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Part 1: Assessments
• Clinical evaluation
• Psychological evaluation
• Psychiatric evaluation
• Art Therapy evaluation
• Comprehensive medical evaluation (including immunizations)
• Vision, hearing and dental
• Cognitive/educational evaluation
• Academic progress evaluation
• Physical fitness evaluation

Additional assessments may include:
• Referral for neuropsychological evaluation
• Speech evaluation
• Occupational therapy evaluation
• Substance abuse evaluation
Part 2: Services
• Individual, group and family therapy
• Art therapy
• Licensed private school
• Special education services
• Independent living skills
• Social skills
• Fitness, nutrition and health program
Part 3: KIF comprehensive client report
• Evaluation results and analysis
• Program progress and achievements
• Recommendations for placement, treatment, and services
Part 4: Assistance for placement and services
• Upon completion of the assessment, KIF will assist in obtaining appropriate placement and services
• KIF will also assist in exploring/pursuing opportunities to continue services with a stabilization track if appropriate.

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