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Georgia Center for Youth, a StepStone Residential Services Provider

Georgia Center for Youth, a StepStone Residential Services Provider, provides individualized behavioral health services to children and youth from ages 12-18, and 6-12 with a waiver.

We offer special programs for a variety of youth including children who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our multiple services use a client-centered approach that is individualized to meet the client’s specific treatment needs while providing Trauma-Informed Care modalities to those in our program.

Located on over 100 acres in Reynolds, Georgia, the campus features five 12-bed houses which are arranged cottage style with kitchens, common areas and washer/dryer in each house. The campus also contains a dining hall, school, activity building with a movie theater and outdoor recreation space.

Our program has multiple phases that encourage participants to engage in positive behaviors as they move through their individualized treatment plan.

Our structured recreational activities, exercise programs, expressive art and drama, life skills program and community activities aid in improving self-esteem. Students have appropriate outlets for expressing feelings, developing self-knowledge, acquiring positive leisure pursuits, exploring creative pursuits and developing motor and learning skills.

We also offer an individualized sex offender therapy program that utilizes the concepts of relapse prevention, breaking down the barriers of denial, developing victim empathy and the reduction of cognitive distortions.

Our highly trained staff work on core issues to eliminate the need for future placements.

The recreation therapy staff coordinate many recreational opportunities. These include special events, performances, sports events, movies, restaurants and parks which allow youth to practice interpersonal skills in a “nonclinical” setting. The center provides care in a less restrictive environment than Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities while preparing the individual for a less restrictive environment upon discharge.

We actively engage families and work collaboratively with all custodial agencies, courts and youth to ensure positive outcomes and high success rates.

Individuals in our program are generally in the custody of the Department of Family and Children’s Services or in parental custody but placed by the Department of Juvenile Justice. Our program focuses on a successful reintegration into the community, with support from their foster family or biological family, while working with all stakeholders to ensure the youth develops the skills they need to succeed.

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